Doc's Kids Music

About Doc’s Kids

Doc’s Kids is BPZMAG & j. bell. A musical duo born in 1996 along the banks of the Mississippi River. Doc’s Kids is part clever songwriting, part comedy, part performance art and all original. Fronted by trombone wielding BPZMAG, the group invented the genre “acousticomedypop”. They entertain crowds of all ages and their strength lies in songwriting and strong live stage presence.

The group released its most ambitious material to date “Songs You Sing In The Shower” on Oct. 18th, 2014 which returns the duo to their true rock & roll sound with 9 cuts of their best songwriting to date.

Discography: Derek’s Meat (1996, cassette) Armani Suits & Combat Boots (1996, cassette) Live from the Quad @ SMU (1997, cassette) Full of Dirt & a Nickel Richer (1997), Relaxed, But Not Too Slow: An Anthology (2000), Shenanigans & Tomfoolery (2002), Ballyhoo (2005), Acousticomedypop (2007), Songs You Sing In The Shower (2014). Some of their more popular tunes are: Stacy, Pink Eye, Bye Bye Bananas, Snack Pack, Animal, Love Song, Happy & Bubbly, Lucas Buys His Socks at Kmart, Destination: Pile of Meat, Bullied on the Bus, Testosterone Trombone, Sexier Than Slug, Nipple Nipple, Come On Down…


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