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BPZMAG threw together a quick iPhone 6 video for Show Me Mas while in the Mexican Caribbean. We hope you enjoy & feel the warmth along w/ us!!! SHOW ME MAS

Title Track, Songs You Sing In the Shower, live @ Lee’s Liquor Lounge:

If Santa Was A Hipster by Doc’s Kids

Lyric Video for “Songs You Sing in the Shower” by Doc’s Kids

Doc’s Kids Documentary “Thank God for Kid n’ Play”

In preparation for Doc’s Kids releasing their critically acclaimed EP “Ballyhoo”, filmmaker (and subsequent DK percussionist) Tom Adams filmed Doc’s Kids periodically from 2005-2006. The result was the 36 minute documentary “Thank God for Kid n’ Play” that was screened before Doc’s Kids took the stage for the “Ballyhoo” record release show at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis in November of 2006. Although never explained in the film, the title comes from an aborted Doc’s Kids performance when walking away BPZMAG said “Thank God we didn’t play.”  A slightly “lightheaded” j. bell replied “Thank God for Kid n’ Play?”

The film explores the origins of Doc’s Kids, the plight of being a unique, misunderstood band and follows the boys on a small Midwestern tour. As Doc’s Kids now approaches their 20th anniversary – this documentary captures the group at its halfway point. Little did they know at the time, but their best music was still ahead of them.