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Lyrics & stories behind Songs You Sing In The Shower

All songs by Doc’s Kids except Show Me Mas by Doc’s Kids & Jason Narverud



Written by Doc’s Kids & Jason Narverud, the band’s photographer, on an annual fishing trip dubbed “Tuna Can Weekend”. It’s mostly about the trials & tribulations of being in a committed relationship.

Darlin’ I love you, I love you so much

Muy caliente, hot to the touch

Darlin’ I love you, when you’re cold as ice

You’re still my baby, when you’re not very nice


When you leave me at a loss, I will always love you

Show me mas


Darlin’ I love you, partners in crime

Ultra-connected, three weeks at a time


Darlin’ I love you, even when you’re a pain

You make love like a meerkat, when you’re drinking champagne



BPZMAG wrote at least 3 songs from the album while taking a shower. It was only fitting that the album be called just that. We think it includes the best lyric of the album: “While you were gone I Googled your G-spot”!

These are the songs I sing in the shower

These are the songs that I wrote for you

Think you’re so smart, go sit in your tower

‘Cause I didn’t ask what you think I should do


While you were gone I Googled your G-spot

And I have learned exactly what to do

I will confess that I was so lonesome

But I didn’t cheat with the Internet


Please don’t leave! Don’t leave me yet!

I will change my ways and you will not regret

Stay with me, I won’t disappoint you

And my shampoo will wash away the tears

Of all the weeks and months and years

And all the melodies I sang for you


These are the songs you sing in the shower

These are the songs that you learned from me

When I was depressed, well I lacked the power

To get out of bed or get you between the sheets



Yes, we have a love affair with the “Pope of Mope”. We can’t help it & neither should you! Tongue-in-cheek lyrics about vegetarianism & the King/Queen Veggie himself.

Me & Morrissey have got more than just a few things in common

We both come from towns that start with an “M”



Me & Morrissey don’t like it when people are mean to animals

But I don’t mind a big old mouthful of meat

(Turkey leg…lamb chop)


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



The first song written from this album on a DK road trip to Arthur Bryant’s BBQ in Kansas City. After a full year BPZMAG popped his “veggie cherry” at this KC institution. True story, his doctor reported his cholesterol had risen 23 points since quitting meat. There was only one left thing to do…BBQ!!!

We’re on the road, fortune & fame

Good old K.C. is just a callin’ our name

Got a guitar picked up in Ames

Storms brewin’ up but we’re ahead of the game


Jerk’s on my tale driving too fast

I’m doing fine just stay off of my ass

Cop’s pulling up, saw him through glass

Hide the guitar and baby, just let him pass


Haven’t tasted flesh in over a year now

And for me that was quite a feat

My cholesterol didn’t fuckin’ go down at all

So my destination is a pile of meat


Ominous clouds what should we do?

Never you mind we’ll just drive straight on through

Eye of the storm staring us down

But we’re movin’ on, on to the next town


BBQ, where are you?

BBQ, I love you!


WE WON’T BITE (explicit)

Slug & the entire Twin Cities’ hip hop community only allow Doc’s Kids to produce one hip hop anthem per album, and this is it! It’s a bit ironic and might have a super catchy dance move involved. Thanks to Koo Koo Kangaroo for the inspiration!

So whatcha’ wanna do with your career?

Do you wanna be a rapper? (Have no fear)

Step up to the microphone and give what you got

And your profile pic is it hot (or not)?


So you spit some rhymes & you think you’re fresh

But you’re following the leader like a David Koresh

Cults & Cliques & Gangs & Groups

Shufflin’ around in your Uggly boots


Whatcha’ so afraid of? We won’t bite

Step to the left and slide to the right


Baah baah baah baah bah dah bah dah baaahhhh


Now you know exactly what to do

‘Cause I just muthafuckin’ told you

Now go out there with some gravitas

And come-a sing along with some bah bah bah’s


Yeah, come on people

(Another anthem in the bank)

Put your hands in the air like you don’t care, what…DK

(I am the Ryan Lewis of Woodbury)

Doc’s Kids, what’s up? Uhh!

Yo Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud…St. Scholastica!!!

Yo, where you at?

(I’m right here!)

No, not YOU j.bell


“Where you at” is a rhetorical device


god. Seriously. Ughhh…



This song is about compromise within relationships. In his day job as a therapist, BPZMAG tries to teach compromise skills to many couples & must also use them himself!

I like the city, you like the country

Let’s move to the suburbs & compromise

You’re very pretty & I’m pretty ugly

Let’s just both get naked & close our eyes


I like the highway but you like the skyway

Baby, I should simply meet you there

I like the passion but you like the fashion

So let’s just buy designer underwear


What kind of secrets do you hold?

They’re always safe with me you know I’ve never told

What kind of secrets do you keep?

Master of emotions acting out like Meryl Streep


Wash away crocodile tears

Living out my wonder years

Baby, we found something in between


My palms are sweaty, guts like spaghetti

Baby, you still got your way with me

I’m doing dishes you’re making wishes

Maybe that’s just our reality


I know that you’re stuck with me

Even though you could be free

Baby, we found something in between



Another clever & controversial song about relationships & how our partners can either practice flexibility & understanding or we all end up in divorce court.

Tried to squeak in, shhhh…like a mouse

But I tracked dirt all over the house


I got them muddy paws, muddy paws, I got the front front back back muddy paws

I didn’t break no laws but I got them muddy paws


Out with the boys, drinkin’ too late

$80 Whiskeys goin’ down great


Innocent flirt, out a the bar

Turns out I pushed it a little too far



We wrote this cheeky tune in response to the recent “hipster takeover” in the Twin Cities. Originally released for the annual DK Toys For Tots benefit campaign, this is soon to be a treasured holiday classic!

If Santa was a hipster, wouldn’t soon forget

The hottest present be one I hadn’t heard of yet

We’d all enjoy some good tidings on the scene

Bowl full of jelly spilling out over skinny jeans


He’d be a Yuletide fixture

If Santa was a hipster


If Santa was a hipster, I’d roll back Christmas glee

I’d sing the carols but…ironically

May your cakes be fruity, may your tidings all be Yule

He hung his stockings before that sh*t was cool


A peace & goodwill mixture

If Santa was a hipster

He’d be a Yuletide fixture

If Santa was a hipster



Written in tribute to j.bell’s grandma, who always told him he was the “bee’s knees”. j.bell credits an extremely sore throat for his sexy, raw, & raspy vocals. Probably too much gin the night before!

You’re the bee’s knees

You’re the cat’s pajamas

You’re the icing on the cake

The kiss when I awake

Gesundheit when I sneeze


You’re the cherry on top of every sundae

And the cure for my disease

You’re the bee’s knees


When the sun comes up you’re the honey on my toast

When I lay my head down you’re the one that I miss most

When I open up my eyes you’re the first thing that I see

Twenty-four hours all over again, oh lucky me!


When the sun goes down you’re the laces in my shoe

You keep me all in place ‘cause you’re my Crazy Glue

Once we’re together, no one can tear us apart

You picked up the pieces, baby, of my broken heart